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book The music industry has never moved at a faster pace and for those who work in the business - either onstage or behind the scenes - it is essential to understand how the ‘new’ business works.

At its core the music business is about connecting the creators of music, either in a live or recorded form, with their audience. This book provides a definitive survey of the business and people involved in making these connections and helps newcomers and established participants make sense of the crowded and evolving landscape.

Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia is an “anecdotal textbook”, meaning that it draws on the experience and wisdom of over 90 Australian and international music business professionals.

Clocking in at 570 pages Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia cuts through the theory and jargon and explains the business through the eyes and words of those people actually leading the industry today. The book is a ground breaking and substantial work that no industry participant or aspirant should be without.


Welcome to the Jungle - Navigating the Music Business in Australia draws on interviews with (in order of appearance):


Michael Newton Thomas Heymann Jessica Ducrou Zanda Strofield
Michael Gudinski Michael Parisi Tim Janes Ely Ehlingor
Luke O'Sullivan Ruuben Van Den Andy Kelly Nicole Hart
Colin Daniels Heuval Zac Abroms Brian McDonald
Charles Caldas Bill Cullen Danny Rogers Emily Kelly
Scott Bagby Bertis Downs Bonnie Dalton Graham Ashton
Carl Gardiner Bernard Galbally Steve Kilbey Matt Gudinski
Todd Rundgren Ian James Craig Hawker Simon Smith
Vanessa Picken Jadden Comerford Kav Temperley Keith Ridgway
Mark Poston Ben Turnbull Benji Rogers John Rash
John Curtain Terry Blamey Frank Varrasso Kim Carter
John Watson Adam Jankie Peter Foley Patrick Donovan
Peter Leak Johann Ponniah Cath Handy Nick Wallberg
Gregg Donovan Nick O Byrne Kim Green David Lewis
Joel Connolly Paul Piticco Jess Bcston John Strohm
Greg Carey Michael Coppel Jake Gold Scot Crawford
Richie McNeill Dave Faulkner Rae Harvey Chris O'Brien
Dror Erez Millie Millgate Brett Murrihy Denis Handlin
Frank Stivala Jon Perring Simon Moor Richard Moffatt
Marianna Annas Tim Northeast Mary Mihelakos James Young
David Williams Brian Lizotte Steve Wade Dan Rosen
Emily York Fraser Bourke Brett Cottle Michael Chugg
Brian Taranto Jackie Krajl Frank Cotela Peter Noble