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Complete Guide To The Music Business


This comprehensive video based course covers all aspects of the Music Industry.
Whether you plan on being a performing artist, an artist manager, a promoter or a song writer, this definitive guide will give you all the knowledge and ammunition you need to negotiate your way through the practical and legal aspects of the Australian music business.


Each video lesson gives a detailed analysis of a component of the music industry.


The course covers 8 separate streams as follows

Foundation Stream

Origins of the Music Industries, Traditional Perspective on the Music Industries, Modern Perspective on the Music Industries

Business and Legal Stream

Introduction to Law. Introduction to Copyright, Copyright in Music, Intellectual Property in the Music Industries, Contract Law in the Music Industries ,The Law of Agency, Assignment and Licensing.

Recorded Music Stream:

The Business of Recorded Music, The Economics of the Recorded Music Business, Inside A Record Company , Major Label Landscape, Understanding Independent Labels, Overview of Recording Agreements, Distribution and Aggregation

Music Publishing Stream:

Evolution of Music Publishing, The Business of Music Publishing, The Anatomy of a Music Publisher, Understanding Publishing Income, Synchronization and Music Supervision, Collection Societies, Publishing Contracts

Artist Management Stream:

The Artist - Manager Relationship, Structures of an Artist Management Business, Philosophies of Artist Management, The Management Agreement

Live Music Stream:

The Live Music Eco System, Legal Implications of Live Music , Live Venue Operations, The Role of the Venue Booker, The Role of the Agent, The Business of the Promoter, The Economics of Promotion

Marketing of Music Stream:

Introduction to Marketing & Branding, Artist Marketing, Music Publicists, Radio and Radio Promotion , Digital Marketing , Marketing a Music Business

Extended Music Business Stream:

Understanding Merchandising, Sponsorship in the Music Industry, Survey of Industry Organisations