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Google finally steps up against music piracy with world-first update

Say goodbye to quick Google searches for leaked MP3 downloads. The search giant has changed the way it codes its search results so that illegal sites are demoted and fair sites are more likely to pop up. The world-first move in the UK, by Google, Bing and other search engines, is thanks to government-hosted talks …

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Melbourne startup Nura raises $6 million in quest to transform the way people listen to music – StartupSmart

A Melbourne-founded startup that builds headphones that customise sound for each listener has raised $6 million from major investors to bring its product to market. The raise comes after Nura completed one of the biggest Australian Kickstarter campaigns in 2016, raising $US1.8 million ($2.3 million) from more than 7000 backers around the world. Nuraphones are

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