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Is this the Music Business Textbook for you?

bookWelcome to The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia won’t help someone be a better musician. Apart from the fact that the author can’t play a note, that’s not the purpose of the book at all.

This book isn’t a self-help guide for young bands; there are plenty of those books around and some very good ones at that. A quick search through Amazon will provide a selection of publications with the words “your band” in the title. If you are in a band you should - selectively - read some of those books.

It also isn’t a legal guide to the music industry, even though the author is sometimes an entertainment lawyer, and sometimes can’t help but give a legal perspective on the issues confronting the industry and the people working in it. It’s important (and nowhere nearly as boring as it sounds).

The book isn’t an A-Z of the business either, although by the end of it you should be familiar with most of the terminology that will help you to sound like you know what you are talking about, even when you are still learning. Everyone featured in this book is still learning and that’s part of the reason they are still successful.

This book is aimed at people who want to work in the music business, but not necessarily as musicians.

It’s not exclusively aimed at people who want to be the next big mover and shaker in the business, although there is plenty of good advice in here from people who are at the top of the tree. It’s for anyone who wants to get a foot in the door, to see what’s on the other side and where it may lead.

However, working and aspiring musicians should read this book. If you are a musician you are going to have to deal with a lot of people who don’t know a G string from a g-string. Among them, could be some of the most important people in your career.

You need to understand what these people do and, more importantly, how and why they do it. Your music might be your business card, but you are in the minority. The motivations and passions of the people you work with outside your band are what will make the difference between you being a successful artist and another weekend hobby musician.

Those that are already working in a part of the business could also benefit from reading this book. It’s a big and diverse industry and it attracts a wide variety of people with vastly different backgrounds and skill sets. The various right hands don’t always know what the various left hands are doing, or how they are doing it. There isn’t anyone already working in the industry that couldn’t benefit from learning more about their contemporaries.

Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia is available for sale now as a paperback .