Welcome to the Jungle – Hard Copy


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Melbourne entertainment and media lawyer, journalist and educator Andrew Watt has written a 570 page “anecdotal textbook” for the Australian music industry.

Drawing on interviews with over 100 key players from the Australian and international music industry and combining that with his first hand experience as an artist manager, venue owner, lawyer, publisher and music business lecturer, Andrew Watt has compiled an invaluable guide to the Australian Music Industry that will be an essential reference for music business students, artists and people already working in the industry.

“I wanted to create a different type of textbook”, said Watt. “There are a number of books out there that provide good, factual information about many aspects of the live and recorded music industries, but none of those books speak with the experience, knowledge and first hand anecdotes of those people currently working at the pointy end of the business, on a daily basis.”

Drawing on his classroom experience Watt saw that music business students were being well informed about the essential framework of the industry but there was a disconnect between the classroom and the cut and thrust of the business in the real world.

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