Music Business Education is proud to have received the following testimonials from past and present students and members of the Australian music industry.

Jafar - Student

“I first met Andrew at JMC Academy. Straight from the start he was an engaging lecturer who clearly knew what he was talking about. Andrew has taught me about Copyright Law, Music Publishing, Entrepreneurship and other valuable subjects.

The great thing about Andrew is his ability to communicate his knowledge in a way that is easy to apply to your personal situation; I'm still regurgitating his lectures many months on.

Being a mover & shaker in the industry also means Andrew has a strong professional network, one he is more than willing to exploit for the benefit of his students. I have been fortunate to have Andrew put me forward for a couple interviews, which has resulted in great opportunity and exposure to key industry players.

Andrew’s biggest strength is his ability to inspire. He is always willing to listen to an idea you have, always happy to open hearty discussion and is genuine in all his endeavors.

I would recommend Andrews' classes to anyone in the industry, trying to break into the industry or anyone simply curious.”




Jafar - Student,

Colin Daniels - Managing Director - Inertia

“After knowing Andrew for 20+ years I was excited he would finally “download” his industry knowledge to print.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and feel his writing captured many valuable insights in to the workings of the music eco system.  I’m thrilled to hear Andrew has taken on the huge commitment to help train the next generation of industry professionals.”




Daina- Student


“Andrew was my university lecturer for 2 short years. Not only did he provide an exceptional insight and understanding into the Music and Entertainment industry, but with his ongoing support and encouragement, he helped me break into the Film and Television industry of which I now hold a full time position and potential life-long career.

Andrew is an inspiring educator, lecturer and all round human being who has given me a whole new way to look at the Entertainment Industry and my life moving forward, for this I am forever grateful.”



Dr. Peter Knight - Australian Arts Orchestra

"I have known Andrew Watt for over two decades since he started InPress.

There are few people who have a broader overview of Australian music culture, and there are fewer still who are such articulate advocates for its importance to our cultural ecology.

Andrew’s book is a great resource and will prove invaluable to musicians and music professionals alike. His creation of the online Music Business Modules will help transform the way music business is taught and provides much needed focus for the energies of young musicians wanting to 'make it' in an incredibly competitive world (much of which is located more than 20 hours flying time from here).

Andrew is a passionate and generous person and a great teacher. It is fantastic that he has decided to devote some of his considerable energies to developing ways of sharing his knowledge. I recommend him and the resources he has created without reservation."