Music Business Education is proud to have received the following testimonials from past and present students and members of the Australian music industry.

Nikki - Student

"I met Andrew Watt through my studies in Entertainment Business Management.

Andrew has always been thorough in his coverage of the class material. The class environment is always open, with questions and comments always welcomed and encouraged. Especially interesting are Andrew's stories that put the theory we are learning into a real world scenario.

Andrew has often gone above and beyond his duties when it has come to being a source of advice and encouragement. There have been many opportunities opened up to me because of his willingness to put students forward whenever opportunities arise within his network.

From Andrew I feel as though I have learnt the theory necessary to carry me through my studies, but more so I have been given the opportunity and encouragement to confidently enter and interact with professionals working within the music industry. This, to me, has been priceless."





Rick McKenna - Rick McKenna Productions

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Watt for far too many years – almost 30!

Our paths first crossed when I was a Comedy Club owner and promotor and Andrew was an innovative and perceptive publisher of amongst other things, one of Melbournes first free and most successful street magazines.

In recent times I have worked with Andrew in the area of staff recruitment for our film and television production company.

Drawing on Andrews deep knowledge and understanding of the business we have had significant success in recruiting new production staff from within Andrews students and trainees.

We have also sent our team members on Andrews entertainment industry training courses and supplied them with his incredibly insightful book Welcome To The Jungle which has increased our companies vision and understanding of many of the nuances of music publishing, promotion and rights management.

Andrews no-nonsense view of the entertainment world, both locally and internationally makes him a pleasure to work with and he will continue to assist us to grow our business.



Lillie - Student

“One of the most inspiring and supportive teachers I have met in my undergraduate degree, Andrew has a talent for fostering creativity within his students and guiding them whole-heartedly through an intimidating industry. Andrew helped me realise my full potential in areas of the music business that I had not considered before, opening up a whole new realm of career options to me. My goal throughout my undergraduate study was to get involved in the industry, and Andrew helped me achieve this. I now have two internships working in music journalism and events. Through whichever career path I decide to pursue, I will always be grateful for Andrew and his continued support - especially from the very beginning.  An incredible mentor for the next generation of industry workers.”