Welcome to the Jungle - Navigating the Music Business in Australia

Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in AustraliaThe music industry has never moved at a faster pace and for those who work in the business - either onstage or behind the scenes - it is essential to understand how the ‘new’ business works.

Melbourne entertainment and media lawyer, journalist and educator Andrew Watt has written a 570 page textbook for the Australian music industry. Now in its fourth edition the book has been updated to include the latest developments in the live and recorded music industries.

At its core the music business is about connecting the creators of music, either in a live or recorded form, with their audience. This book provides a definitive survey of the business and people involved in making these connections and helps newcomers and established participants make sense of the crowded and evolving landscape.

Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia is an “anecdotal textbook”, meaning that it draws on the experience and wisdom of over 100 Australian and international music business professionals. The book cuts through the theory and jargon and explains the business through the eyes and words of those people actually leading the industry today. The book is a ground breaking and substantial work that no industry participant or aspirant should be without.

“I wanted to create a different type of textbook”, said Watt. “There are a number of books out there that provide good, factual information about many aspects of the live and recorded music industries, but none of those books speak with the experience, knowledge and first hand anecdotes of those people currently working at the pointy end of the business, on a daily basis.”

Drawing on his classroom experience Watt saw that music business students were being well informed about the essential framework of the industry but there was a disconnect between the classroom and the cut and thrust of the business in the real world.

“It would be impossible for any student to get access to all the key people in the industry for a one-on-one download of their knowledge and experience”, said Watt. “Welcome To The Jungle bridges that gap and that couldn’t have happened without so many key industry people being very generous with their time and thoughts. The book is a unique document in that respect.”

The music industry is a fast evolving business with disruption occurring to the established business models both in recorded music and the live touring scene. It’s essential that any artist wanting to build a career understands who does what in the business as quite literally their career will depend on that knowledge.

“I think that anyone connected to the music business either as an artist or behind the scenes could benefit from some or all of the book”, said Watt. “It’s designed to be read either cover-to-cover or selectively, depending on what role in the industry interests you.”

Drawing on interviews with key players from the industry and combining that with his first hand experience, Watt has compiled an invaluable guide to the Australian Music Industry that is an essential reference for music business students, artists and people already working in the industry.