The key principles of music marketing, and the roles of publicists, radio promotions, digital marketing experts and other businesses.

Connecting music to its audience has never presented so many possibilities.

This stream introduces the key principles of music marketing and clears away much of the confusing white noise in this area and explains the roles of the legitimate and vital services available to artists and those working with them.

The stream discusses the role of publicists, radio promotions, digital marketing experts and other businesses in the area of artist brand management. The stream also considers the importance of marketing a music business as well as the artists and music it provides.

I have known Andrew since he joined Music Victoria’s industry education sub-committee about 6 years ago. He has recommended a number of bright students for internships.

Andrew's passion and knowledge for music education is inspiring for young people who want to forge careers in the music business. His recent book 'Welcome to the Jungle' is the most thorough and up-to-date publication summarising the current (and ever changing) landscape of the music business and opportunities within in the industry. Andrew draws on many years of experience as a publisher, journalist, teacher, lawyer and manager and it is important that this knowledge is passed on to the next generation of music industry professionals.

- Patrick Donovan, Music Victoria




Increasingly the music industries are about the processes of branding and marketing that make the connection between artists, their music and the audience. This Module looks at the concepts of brand and marketing as they apply to the music industries and is a module that any artist and any person seeking to work in the music industry must understand.


The process of connecting an artist and their music to the potential audience for that music is a complex series of techniques and methods designed to created an integrated marketing plan. This module gives a thorough overview of this process leading to a deep understanding of great importance to artists and anyone involved in the process of music marketing.


The role of the music publicist is one of the most sought after roles in the music business. Whether operating in the live concert and event area or in the publicity of recorded product, the publicist plays a key role on the marketing process. It's also a role that is frequently misunderstood. This module looks at the role of publicity and publicists in the modern music business.


Radio has always been a vital aspect of reaching the audience for music and it's importance is still very high. Every participant in the music industry must still have an understanding of the importance of radio in all its modern forms. This Module looks at the significance of radio and radio promotion in the modern music industry.


It's no secret that digital marketing has revolutionised marketing in just about every industry. In many ways the music industry is at the forefront of digital marketing due to the suitability of the core product - music. This Module looks at the fast emerging area of digital marketing as it applies to the music industries.


As important is it is to understand the marketing or artists and their music it is also essential for anyone in the music business to market their services and business. This Module considers the way businesses in the music industry market themselves from the perspective of branding and reputation.


Your Instructor

Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt, author of Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia, an anecdotal textbook for the music business in Australia, teaches a number of music industry related subjects at tertiary colleges including Melbourne University, Victoria University, Collarts and RMIT.

Andrew's exceptional career in the music industry began as the founder, editor and publisher of music-centric street magazine InPress. Andrew went on to become a music publisher with the Paul Dainty Corporation, an artist manager of high profile acts both in Australia and the USA, a television producer with multiple network credits including Executive Producer of Rock Soldiers (a documentary on the Australian concert touring world) and a music journalist and commentator.

Andrew has a wealth of anecdotal hilarity from years of backstage fun and misadventure, he doesn't just teach the music endustry - he lives in it. Read more about Andrew Watt here.

Not only did Andrew provide an exceptional insight and understanding into the Music and Entertainment industry, but with his ongoing support and encouragement, he helped me break into the Film and Television industry of which I now hold a full time position and potential life-long career.

Andrew is an inspiring educator, lecturer and all round great human being who has given me a whole new way to look at the Entertainment Industry and my life moving forward, and for this I am forever grateful.

- Daina, Student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should do this course?
Anyone who wants to be a productive and successful participant in the music industry - whether as an artist (performer, songwriter, producer, performer) or someone working in the business of music (managers, record labels, agents, promoters etc). The course is suited to beginners and also to those already with their foot in the door of the industry and wanting to accelerate their career progress.

What will I learn from this course?
Knowledge! Genuine, real knowledge. The Music Business Education course has been designed to provide students with no-nonsense, no-hype, accurate and current knowledge about the realities and operation of the music industry. The course has been designed by a professional educator who has also successfully worked in the music industry as an entertainment lawyer, international artist manager, music journalist and music publisher and draws on years of personal experience and relationships with hundreds of real major players in the music industry. You will learn the structure, roles and realities of the industry, in the language used by industry insiders and the proven practices used by successful participants in the industry.

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