Hear what industry insiders and graduated students have to say about Andrew Watt and Music Business Education

"I first crossed paths with Andrew in the 1980’s when he was a keen young lawyer who also did record reviews of the acts on Mushroom Records. Thirty years later, I am still running Mushroom Music Publishing and he is still keen.

Andrew was welcome in our Promotions Department which was unusual. They didn’t suffer fools gladly. The fact that he had good taste in artists had a bit to do with his acceptance. He went on to manage Julia Darling who got a US record deal and moved to New York. That led to managing Russell Crowe. He also managed Russell’s charming wife Danielle Spencer.

More recently Andrew has become closely involved in music education, delivering lectures at several institutions with music and copyright at the heart of that. He continues his law practice advising a new generation of artists. That led to his comprehensive book on our industry - Welcome To the Jungle first published in 2014. While some texts contain many pages of somewhat dry information, the real key to the music business is in it’s heartbeat. That means knowing the key people and understanding how they operate. That is not only what they do but why and how. Having rubbed shoulders with many of them and having been taken into their confidence, Andrew has a unique insider’s view. That is why his book stands out. It is useful. That is why I am prepared to recommend this book and Andrew's classes. They may lead you to the jobs that Andrew and I have."

- Ian James, Mushroom Music

"I have known Andrew Watt for over two decades since he started InPress. There are few people who have a broader overview of Australian music culture, and there are fewer still who are such articulate advocates for its importance to our cultural ecology.

Andrew’s book is a great resource and will prove invaluable to musicians and music professionals alike. His creation of the online Music Business Modules will help transform the way music business is taught and provides much needed focus for the energies of young musicians wanting to ‘make it’ in an incredibly competitive world (much of which is located more than 20 hours flying time from here).

Andrew is a passionate and generous person and a great teacher. It is fantastic that he has decided to devote some of his considerable energies to developing ways of sharing his knowledge. I recommend him and the resources he has created without reservation."

- Dr. Peter Knight, Australian Arts Orchestra

"Andrew’s passion and knowledge for music education is inspiring for young people wanting to forge careers in the music business. His recent book Welcome to the Jungle is the most thorough and up-to-date publication summarising the current (and ever changing) landscape of the music business and opportunities within in the industry. Andrew draws on many years of experience as a publisher, journalist, teacher, lawyer and manager and it is important that this knowledge is passed on to the next generation of music industry professionals.

I have known Andrew for about five years since he joined Music Victoria’s industry education sub committee. He has recommended a number of bright students for internships."

- Patrick Donovan, Music Victoria

"Andrew Watt is a great supporter of Australian music. His commitment to education is very important and, as the industry grows, this is going to become more and more important. On top of this, Andrew is a great guy and, as someone who is heavily involved in the Australian music business, we are lucky to have someone like him taking the initiative to publish books and create classes like this."

- Jaddan Comerford, UNFD

"After knowing Andrew for 20+ years I was excited he would finally download his industry knowledge to print. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and feel his writing captured many valuable insights in to the workings of the music eco system. I’m thrilled to hear Andrew has taken on the huge commitment to help train the next generation of industry professionals."

- Colin Daniels, Managing Director, Inertia

"To put it bluntly, I owe my career to Andrew Watt. However, that makes for a boring testimonial so let me expand on that a little…

After moving to Melbourne from Perth with a Bachelor’s degree already under my belt, I felt like I lacked specified and practical knowledge in the Entertainment Industry. I enrolled in a course where I first met Andrew as my lecturer in a Music History class. This is hands down still one of the best classes I’ve ever participated in. Andrew’s extensive knowledge and passion for the music industry made for an engaging and entertaining class. Not to mention having some first hand stories to share about many of the artists he was educating us on - Ask him about Prince...

Andrew’s dedication to ensuring each of his students is engaged and understanding content made him a standout lecturer to me. He even took time out of his schedule to chat to me about my plans and future career goals, which lead to a job interview in my desired field. I wont deny that I had a strong drive and determination to make it in the entertainment industry, however without Andrew’s expertise and strong belief in the small town girl from Perth, I wouldn’t have got to where I am today. I am now in my dream job as a Producer at a successful Melbourne TV production company, only a year and a half after being one of Andrew’s students. I know, I’m still pinching myself.

The most important thing is that Andrew lives and breathes for this industry and that is one of the most important things to find in a teacher. He has a genuine interest to pass on his knowledge and help students make it into this world. Plus, it’s a rare gift to find someone who can make copyright law a really interesting subject! Andrew has become like a mentor to me and through his teachings I have seen him help countless other students through internships, introductions, interviews, advice.. the list goes on. With over 6 years in the “post high school study game”, I can confidently say Andrew is the cream of the crop when it come to lecturers and I can’t thank him enough for all of the knowledge and belief he has instilled in me."

- Michelle, Student