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Music Business Education (MBE) is an on-line education hub for the music industry in Australia. Operated by one of Australia’s leading music industry educators Andrew Watt, MBE is home to a comprehensive series of on-line music business classes covering all aspects of the live and recorded music industries.

These courses are intended for musicians and industry aspirants as well as those taking their first steps in the industry. The MBE program may be a gateway to higher education in the music and entertainment industries or as additional material for those engaged in those programs.

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About Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt is an entertainment and media lawyer and acclaimed lecturer in Music Business subjects at institutions such as JMC Academy, AIM, Collarts and Melbourne Polytechnic. He has previously been an artist manager of high profile recording and touring artists, a music journalist (for daily newspapers and founder of Melbourne street press publication InPress), a venue operator and a television producer. Andrew is the author of innovative music business textbook Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia – now in its third edition (2016)

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Music Business Education has created a series of on-line music business classes that cover all you need to know as an artist or as a future player in the Australian Music Business.

Modules include -:
Foundation Stream (3 Modules) - Origins of the Music industries, Traditional Perspective on the Music Industries, Modern Perspective on the Music Industries

Legal & Business Stream (7 Modules) - Introduction to Law, Introduction to Copyright, Copyright in Music, Intellectual Property in the Music Industries, Contract Law in The Music Industries, The Law of Agency, Assignment & Licensing

Recorded Music Business Stream (7 Modules) - The Business of Recorded Music, The Economics of the Recorded Music Business, Inside a Record Company, Major Label Landscape, Understanding Independent Labels, Overview of Recording Agreements, Distribution & Aggregation

Music Publishing Stream (7 Modules) - Evolution of Music Publishing, The Business of Music Publishing, The Anatomy of a Music Publisher, Understanding Publishing Income, Synchronization & Music Publishing, Collection Societies, Publishing Contracts

Artist Management Stream (4 Modules) - The Artist-Manager Relationship, Structures of an Artist Management Business, Philosophies of Artist Management, The Management Agreement

Live Music Stream (7 Modules) - The Live Music Eco-System, Legal Implications of Live Music, Live Venue Operations, The Role of the Venue Booker, The Business of the Promoter, The Economics of Promotion

Marketing of Music Stream (6 Modules) Introduction to Marketing and Branding, Artist Marketing, Music Publicists, Radio & Radio Promotion, Digital Marketing, Marketing a Music Business

Extended Music Industry Stream (3 Modules) - Understanding Merchandising, Sponsorship & the Music Industry, Survey of Industry Organisations